About Rainbow Chan

Rainbow Chan in a slammin red dress

Rainbow Chan is a Sydney solo artist with a love for story-telling. Whether she is stitching together childhood dreams, rummaging through flea markets or sampling odd sounds, Rainbow is constantly collecting bits and pieces for her music.

While classically trained in saxophone, piano and choral music from an early age, Chan's fondest memories of music are those of family day-trips in a squishy car, singing along to mix-tapes sent from her grandmother in Hong Kong. From Chinese folksongs to 1950's ballads, Grandma's hodge-podge tapes would have a lasting impression on Chan's music.

An eclectic mix of electronic and acoustic textures, Chan's songs are delicately-crafted gems. Live loops are created with music-boxes, thumb-pianos and vintage toys. Lilting guitar is matched with 8-bit keyboards, distorted beats and glockenspiels. Experimentation is interlaced with the other-worldly charm of her voice.

With diverse influences ranging from Björk to Steve Reich, from Chopin to guilty pleasure Justin Timberlake, Rainbow Chan is always looking for ways to play with sound and narrative. Sweet, dark and glitchy, it's forward-thinking pop embedded in the nostalgic imagination.