"UK Blog love"

Tuesday January 29 2013

UK Blog, The Line of Best Fit, has been digging my Lovefool cover! Here is a lovelysnippet:

Sydney resident Chan's faultless tones and penchant for knitting together classical and electronic elements will no doubt bring about comparisons with Bjork; while we aren't ordering confetti for the coronation of a new Queen of Eclecticism just yet, there's enough to 'Lovefool' to suggest that Rainbow Chan carries the same darkly chaotic brainwaves. If she can temper her cuddlier side and channel more of those heavier bass undertones into her future work; Rainbow Chan could carve out her own private niche in the world of weirdly intoxicating electronic pop. - Dan Carson

It won't be long til my single "Skinny Dipping" comes out. I can't wait to share it with you.



Saturday January 26 2013

My cover of "Lovefool" by The Cardigans is finally available for download through Silo Arts Records. To celebrate the upcoming release of my EP, you can grab "Lovefool" for free!



Tuesday November 20 2012

I have a dear friend called Leigh who is not only kindly appreciative of my dad-jokes but is an amazing musician. Today, he released a record under his moniker, The Townhouses. The album is called "Diaspora" and you can grab it here through Yesplease Records.

The album features local legends Guerre, Wintercoats and other wonderful musicians such as Giorgio Tuma and Felix Weatherbourne. I was lucky enough to sing on one of the tracks and you can listen to "Schoenberg" below.

Happy Tuesday x


Tuesday November 6 2012

Ahoy! A lot of things have been happening since my last update. First of all, I have started learning the harp! I feel like a cherub, especially with my newly cut hair which makes me look like I'm 5 years old again. Be sure to expect some live harp jams soon. I taught myself "Twinkle twinkle little star" just this morning! :)

Secondly, I've been working really hard towards an EP early next year but you'll definitely hear a single from me by the end of 2012. It's been a while since my last release but I hope it'll be worth the wait.

Lastly, I've been featured on Triple J's Ausmusic Month Mixtape as the mellow closing track. Get it as a free download, discover some new music and [Mr Freeze voice] chill.


"Pyramid Scheme"

Monday October 15 2012

A live video of my performance recently at The Hollywood Hotel, presented by Sunset People. Video directed and edited by Tessa C. Stevens as a part of Pyramid Scheme.

"To Love Again"

Monday September 17 2012

This time last year, I was making music in my bedroom and dreaming about one day touring and cutting my songs onto vinyl records and being able to say "I make music" without feeling like a fraud.

Well, little did I know that a year on I would be here doing exactly that! The biggest springboard I received was FBi Radio's Northern Lights competition. And guess what? They are doing it again! So if you're a solo artist or a producer from NSW, get your entries in here before 28 September.


If you haven't heard the resultant Northern Lights EP Oliver Tank and I made with some Icelandic artists, click click to download for free.

Good luck x

"Last days of winter"

Tuesday August 28 2012


I've just come back from the wonderful Margaret River where I performed at Cinefest Oz, a film festival in Western Australia. I was in a film last year called "Sick!" by the funny guys who created Bondi Hipsters. (I highly recommend you check them out but go to the toilet beforehand in case you pee yourself laughing.) Here are some highlights!

(That's me projected onto the cinema screen)

In other news, I've been working on a new song and getting into some sleazy sax solos. Watch out for a new single later in the year with some serious saxual healing.

And, oh yeah, I dyed my hair blue! Photography by Nicholas Shearer.

"Triple J Luv"

Tuesday August 14 2012

Good morning! "Rabbit and Fox" has been getting some love on Triple J Unearthed. You can help it climb the charts by listening, downloading, reviewing or sharing it.

Here are some kind words about the single from Gemma Pike (Triple J):

5/5 - This is the best we've heard from you yet. Spacious, delicate, building beautifully through the whole song. And then you kill me with that little husky whisper at the end! Needless to say, it's currently on repeat.

"Rabbit Highlights"

Monday August 13 2012

I have decided to share Instagramic (I've now made that a word) highlights from the Rabbit and Fox Tour. Enjoy!


Brisbane Radio Interview

Seeing my record in a Brisbane record store. Below is another close up.

Getting ready for the Brisbane show.


Epic Merch Desk.


preshow FBi Radio interview, highlighting them golden boots.


Recording a live song or two directly onto vinyl 7" through Wunce Magazine and Melbourne's Cut Records.

"You've got mail"

Saturday June 30 2012

Oh my goodness! My "Rabbit and Fox" 7inch arrived in the mail! SAY WHAT?!

But I broke my record player in my excitement and could only listen to it on 33, which made me sound like Antony Hegarty. Oh well.

You can still order them online from Silo Arts but be quick as there were only 75 copies made!

The tour starts next week starting in Brisbane. Sydney-siders, you can find out more about the home show here.

Rainbow x

"Rabbit and Fox"

Sunday June 10 2012

I'm proud to present the video for my second single "Rabbit and Fox", directed by my wonderfully talented buddies Puppet Spider.


This single is set to be released June 19 as a digital and a vinyl split 7" with Brisbane's Outerwaves, through Silo Arts. I am so excited to finally get a song on vinyl! Watch this space for the Rabbit and Fox Tour soon!

Many thanks to all involved, including Hayden Woolf for string arrangements, choreography and dancing. String Quartet: Anna Savery, Ben Chan, Victoria Jacono-Gilmovich, Ezmi Pepper. Sam Weston for mixing and mastering. Diana Chan for body art/ make up.

In other news, I spent the last 2 weeks with Karen O! I was lucky enough to be a part of her psycho-Opera "Stop the Virgens" during Vivid Festival. What an amazing experience and such a great honour to work with an incredible group of people!



"Kylie <3"

Tuesday April 17 2012

La la la, la la la la la....


Come along to tomorrow's Botanical Banquet. 50 limited editions of Cover EPs for sale, available only at this event.

"Botanical Banquet"

Tuesday April 11 2012

Caitlin Shearer, Rainbow Chan and The Wall would like to invite you to...

BOTANICAL BANQUET: A Feast for the Senses!
Featuring artworks, and textile and garment design from Caitlin Shearer and a live, one-off love song covers set from me!

There will also be floral installations from Jardine Hansen, food and markets stalls, a temporary tattoo booth with designs by Caitlin, DJs, dancing, exclusive prints and EPs for sale, and more! These handmade EPs will be limited editions of my cover set, including my rendition of "Love fool" by The Cardigans.

BOTANICAL BANQUET will be a unique collaborative experience between the artists, and an insight into their own little world.


Caitlin Shearer is a freelance illustrator and textile designer working out of a bedroom studio in Sydney, Australia. Obsessions include: Drawing pictures, watercolour paints, Winona Ryder, Twin Peaks, pressed flowers, Ferragamo shoes, black dresses, lipstick, The wizard of Oz, Brocade, swans, the golden age of hollywood and biographies about decadent/intelligent/creative/crazy females.

I will be singing in a custom-made dress by Caitlin and rockin' her temporary tats like there's no tomorrow. Come along!

RC x


"The Long March"

Tuesday March 13 2012

Please check out the list of shows I am playing in March! Apart from playing with some great local talents, I'll be supporting one of my favourite Australian acts, Holly Throsby, as well as heading to Adelaide for a show!

On Friday March 30, I'll be playing a very special show with Sydney's classically trained alt-pop musician Jack Colwell. Our songs have been arranged for chamber orchestra by Hayden Woolf and Miles Horler. I cannot even stress what an amazing opportunity this is! It's a fundraiser for Sydney Conservatorium High so you'll be in for a treat while supporting music education. Find out more here.

Also, if you haven't downloaded the free Northern Lights EP from FBi radio, you should do so! On top of playing a few shows in Reykjavik, Oliver Tank and I collaborated with Icelandic artists, Just Another Snake Cult and Petur Ben. The EP includes 2 originals, remixes and a bonus track from Oliver.

It won't be long til you hear a new single from me! A lot of exciting news soon. Tangible, tactile forms of music. Coming. Soon.


"Sugary Snaps"

Friday January 27 2012

Thank you to all those who came along to the "Sweet Tooth" Tour! Here are some pictures from the Sydney launch with Sui Zhen and Moon Holiday.

Here's Becky (Sui Zhen) doing her thang.

Click here for more photos.

Photography by Nicholas Shearer. Floral print leggings courtesy of Up Tights.



Thursday January 5 2012


Skip along to the "Sweet Tooth" tour in January to catch this cover live!


"Double Happiness"

Sunday January 1 2012

Although in Chinese culture "Double Happiness" usually refers to eternal happiness when couples marry, this marriage and happiness is of a different kind... I'm doing a small tour to launch "Sweet Tooth", as a coheadline with my good friend, the amazing Sui Zhen! A marriage of block fringes and enjoyment of cheap Asian food in the form of some lovely music and an acapella duet or two!

This beautiful stop-motion animation is Sui's single "Little Frog". Yes, she made the video too! There's enough colour and imagination here to charm your pants off.


I'll be joined by some special guests along the way. Check out the dates for the shows below. Poster by Nicholas Shearer.

Happy New Year everyone!

Rainbow x

"Deer Frankie,"

Sunday December 25 2011

Merry Christmas! I'm featured in issue 45 of Frankie Magazine. Click click to read more.


"Sweet Tooth"

Tuesday December 20 2011

My first single "Sweet Tooth" is now available for free download via bandcamp. This is a little taste of what my album will sound like - a bit of glitch here, some gameboy sounds there, strange harmonies rubbing against each other, sparkly textures and field-recordings.

Thank you to Sam Weston from Albatross for lending his mixing and mastering skills. Do yourself a favour and download their delicious single "Murder" from Yourstru.ly.

The beautiful cover art is by the talented illustrator/ cat-lover Cailtin Shearer. Although she was swamped in commissioned Xmas portraits and other cover art, she still managed to whip this up in a day! Waaa!


But "Sweet Tooth" wouldn't be complete without a video clip, of course! So we decided to film 16L of icecream, sprinkles and assorted candies melting all over my body. I've never had so much fun and discomfort simultaneously in my life. Thank you Puppet Spider for your imaginative and perverted minds.


Lastly, thanks Astral People for your support. So chuffed to be a part of the fam.


"I scream for Ice(cream)land!"

Friday November 11 2011

FBi's Northern Lights Competition has been extremely rewarding and inspiring so thank you to everyone involved and all those back at home who followed our adventures overseas! This is, by far, one of the most generous competitions offered by any radio stations that I know of. Not only was it culturally enriching, but it has been an extremely exciting kick-start for my music!

In the beginning of the year when I was doing my uni Honours research on Icelandic music, I was daydreaming about watching the Iceland Airwaves festival. Never did I imagine that 9 months later, I would be playing there!!!

Every part of this experience has been so much fun. I found culinary delights and extraordinary landscapes, befriended Björk's personal harp-maker, loved the fluttering r's in Icelandic conversations, collaborated with DIY Icelandic musicians and became pretty jealous of Oliver Tank's groupie-victories (just because I don't have a luscious mane and beard…). Other highlights were playing my first overseas shows, trying the Icelandic "delicacy" rotten shark, photographing many interesting things like embroidered curtains, porcelain statues and pot plants on everyone's window sills, casually having lunch next to other musicians like YATCH, SBTRKT and Tuneyards in our favourite cafe, buying mini hand-made mittens for my future children, and becoming great friends with Tank and the folks at FBi!

I guess in the bitter and chilling weather of Iceland (I can't even describe how fierce the wind was), music becomes a source of comfort. Well Reykjavik, in the days I have known you and your music, you've definitely provided me with just that. Inspiration, warmth and wonderful bubblegum colours that line the streets and buildings. Your fresh air, glaciers, harbour and mountains are impressive, yet your modern and hip 'tude is refreshing! I will definitely be coming back - in my frog beanie and all! Takk takk, Iceland! Our collaborations and remixes will be released soon on FBi's website so keep your eyes peeled!

So what's next on the horizons closer to home? I'm very proud to announce that i've recently joined the family at Astral People. Their roster includes many musicians that I respect and admire... Jonti, Collarbones, Albatross , and Wintercoats just to name a few. I look forward to making some magical stuff happen with them!

I'm working on my debut album, planned for release next year. You'll hear a single from me by the end of this year and a video clip with copious amounts of ice-cream. A few remixes up my sleeves. A sound track/ film score.

And just to mix things up a bit, you might see me in a magazine interview/ photoshoot soon, perhaps at a music festival, and maybe even in a feature film or two!

Until then, I'll just be here, happily eating my Maggie Beer burnt fig and caramel ice-cream. And making music in my bedroom.

Rainbow x

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