Rainbow uses the dankest of beats, field-recordings and a beguiling vocal delivery to craft intricate left-field pop songs. Pedestrian TV

4/5. This is right up my alley - really lovely stuff. – Rosie Beaton (Triple J)

Rainbow Chan

5/5. Some people talk of 'haunting' music but this takes it literally with a beautiful, eery undertone of an off-kilter vinyl sample leading into gracious strings and finally a thumping electro beat. Thoughts of Feist come to mind. Maggie Collins (Triple J)

Rainbow Chan must think of music as a form of painting. An electronic glitch here, ultra-sweet vocals there, a dab of bells and beeps over there. It’s free-form and highly inventive. She’s a collector of sounds. The music is impressionistic. – David D. Robbins Jr. (Their Bated Breath)

latest press release

Rainbow Chan is a Sydney solo artist and producer with a love for story-telling. Whether she is stitching together childhood dreams, rummaging through flea markets or sampling odd sounds, Rainbow is constantly collecting bits and pieces for her music.

An eclectic mix of electronic and acoustic textures, Rainbow Chan's songs are delicately-crafted gems embedded in the nostalgic imagination. Live loops are created with music-boxes, thumb-pianos and vintage toys sourced from antique fairs. Lilting guitar finger-picking is matched with 8-bit keyboards, distorted beats and glockenspiels. Experimentation is interlaced with the other-worldly charm of her voice.

Rainbow independently released her debut EP brushed upon with rose in 2010. Enlisting the help of Jessica Dunn on bass (Sirens Big Band) and Jonathan Boulet for mixing and mastering, Chan's first release dabbles in electronica but keeps a folk orientation. In true DIY style, she handmade each EP, sewing vintage fabrics sleeves and drawing liner notes with pencil and texta.

Rainbow’s love for intertwining sounds, colours and visuals has attracted the attention of blogs, radio and in October 2011, FBi Radio’s Northern Lights Competition. Rainbow Chan and Oliver Tank won the opportunity to collaborate and perform at the cutting edge Iceland Airwaves Festival alongside the likes of Björk, Beach House, SBTRKT and Ólafur Arnalds.

Since then, Rainbow has been making an impression on the live circuit nationwide with her bizarre yet sweet juxtaposition of loops, dissonant harmonies and sounds. She has released two singles, "Sweet Tooth" and "Rabbit and Fox", both of which are moody and sensuous pieces of electronica. She has continued to broaden her sound, working with orchestra and string quartet, exploring noise music, and most recently singing in Karen O's (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) "Stop the Virgens" as part of Vivid Festival. Rainbow Chan is currently working on new material for her debut album, planned for release late 2012.

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